JAPERA aims to achieve early commercialization of printed electronics by developing manufacturing technologies and device technologies for printed flexible devices. JAPERA is proceeding with the project for “Development of Materials and Process Technology for Advanced Printed Electronics” (project period: FY2011-FY2015) entrusted by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Specific research subjects at JAPERA are as follows.
・ Development of environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies which can make large area electronic circuits with lower power consumption, lower cost, and higher productivity.
・ Development of technologies for flexible devices that are thin, lightweight, bendable, shock-resistant, and large area, which can support a more energy-efficient society while cultivating markets for products with strong industrial competitiveness.
・ Establishment of methods to evaluate electrical and mechanical properties and reliability of printed devices with high reproducibility, in addition to gathering of data for standardization.

Research Sites