Exhibited at CEATEC 2018 held in Makuhari Messe.

NEDO Booth


Simultaneous Pressure / Temperature Detection Sensor

Grip Sensor

Smart Tray

Grip Sensor and Smart Tray



Presentation at JAPERA Booth

Smart Coaster

Robot Skin

Article Management System


nanotech 2018


At nanotech 2018 held at Tokyo Big Sight from 14th to 16th February, JAPERA has demonstrated a cylindrical pressure distribution sensor, robot skin and its application to Pepper's shoulders under the theme of "high precision and high sensitivity pressure sensor by printing technology" in the electronics field of NEDO booth. In addition, we introduced a demonstration movie of simultaneous pressure / temperature detection sensors which became measurable to low temperature.
During the exhibition, a large number of customers visited us and received favorable comments. And we were able to exchange valuable opinions such as hot questions, suggestions and comments.
Thank you for visiting us.





Robot Skin


Pepper equipped with the robot skin

Cylindrical pressure distribution sensor



Softbank Robot World 2017


At the Softbank Robot World 2017 held at BELLESALLE Shiodome on November 22, Pepper App Challenge 2017 Autumn PAC work general election took place, JAPERA's "Pepper with human skin sensation" has received "Technology Received the Minister of Innovation Award".


This is selected from among 15 nominated works by votes of general participants. While other applications mostly let Pepper do something, it seems that our application looked innovative in view of showing Pepper’s reaction through printed pressure sensor attached to its shoulders. At the demonstration time after the presentation, a lot of favorable voices were received.






Exhibited at CEATEC 2017 held in Makuhari Messe.


Demonstration of the Robot Skin (movie)


NEDO Booth

Drawing Board Application

News Release   October 2, 2017

Japan Advanced Printed Electronics Technology Research Association (JAPERA)
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
October 2, 2017
JAPERA and NEDO Develop High-precision, Ultra-sensitive Pressure Sensor System Capable of Recognizing Touch and Movement
- Greatly advances to realize the robot skin with the cutaneous sensation of human being -
1. Summary
JAPERA and NEDO have developed a high-precision, ultra-sensitive pressure sensor, as well as a system to apply it to robot skins. This sensor system recognizes various touches and movements (e.g., patting, swatting, rubbing) and, depending on the movement, reacts as if a robot experiences the touch in the same way as human being. This technology can lead to a drastic change in the way a consumer communicates with a robot. Furthermore, consumers can expect multiple functions for this innovation, which will be available at a low cost, because the sensors can be manufactured entirely by printing technology.
This sensor system is expected to contribute to realizing a robot with the cutaneous sensation of human being.
2. Exhibition
JAPERA will demonstrate the robot skin system in JAPERA’s booth (D049, Hall 5) of CEATEC JAPAN 2017.
In addition, there will be a demonstration of the “The Nursing Support Pressure Sensor which Cares Mental and Body by Fingertips Tracing”, an innovation developed through this project. The demonstration will take place at NEDO’s booth (S03, Hall 4).
3. Contact
Contact Persons: Y. Okumoto, M. Sato
Tel: +81-29-869-9320 E-Mail: info@japera.or.jp
NEDO Internet of Things Promotion Department
Contact Persons: H. Kurihara, Y. Kumashiro
Tel: +81-44-520-5111